05.04.17 – Graduation Plans, etc.

Hello there!

I’ve been looking at my other posts and it seems that I ramble on a lot (and I mean, A LOT). I’ll do my best to keep this one short, but, to be honest, I have no guarantees. I guess it’s just an inherent characteristic of mine to keep talking when I need to stop talking. I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut sometimes. Speaking of keeping my mouth shut, I seem to always get a particular question now that I’m bound to graduate.

“What are your plans after graduation?”

Well, that definitely makes me shut up because I honestly have no idea (nice segue, Keith!). I get this question by so many people, most especially parents and adults. They seem to come by the dozen too once they find out that I’m graduating. That’s kinda why I decided to keep my graduation in the down low because, to be frank:

I hate this question.

That’s not saying that I hate the people who say that. I love them very much. I just…freeze when I hear that question. Then, when I tell them about not having a concrete plan, they always seem to retort back.

“You must have some sort of plan!”

…but I don’t. I have some ideas and plans of what I have to do, but I have no concrete plan of what I’m doing. I have some plans of visiting people far away from where I live. I have some plans of getting a full-time job. I have some plans of getting a certification or a credential. But I have no concrete and specific plan. It’s good to plan, of course, but truthfully I have no idea about what I’m doing after I graduate. I’ve learned something through this journey though.

It’s okay to NOT have a plan.

I don’t know when society started accepting the fact that having a plan is the “be-all end-all” after finishing something, but something that I’ve learned is not having a concrete plan is okay. Sometimes, I just have a general idea about what to do or where to go, but to have a concrete plan? It’s not always possible.

However, the most important thing is to have a goal in mind.

I don’t have a specific plan, but I have a goal. Actually, I have lots of goals. I have goals of visiting people outside the province. I have goals of getting a full-time job. I have goals of getting credentials and certifications. These are all personal goals of mine. I don’t necessarily have a plan on how to do them, but they’re goals of mine.

I always see it the way Paul handled his journey to Jerusalem. He had a goal of going to Jerusalem, but the Holy Spirit stopped him every time and turned him to all these cities we see on the New Testament. The Holy Spirit detoured him to places such as Rome, Corinth, Ephesus, Colossi, and a whole lot of other places. He even discipled Mark and Timothy! This wasn’t his initial goal. He didn’t plan all of these church plants, but God made it possible anyway. God opened doors for him throughout his journey, and he ended up expanding the kingdom of God.

I want to do the same thing. I want to strive towards a goal, but I want the plan to be God’s plan and not mine. I can tell God what I have planned, but sometimes it’s not what He wants. So all I have to do is do what He wants me to do, lean into Him and trust Him. I need to trust His plan and trust His will while I keep doing what I can for Him.

I’m sure He’ll do something amazing.

“Commit your work to the Lord,
and your plans will be established.”
– Proverbs 16:3 ESV

TL;DR – Keith keeps getting asked graduation plans. Keith says, “No idea.” Keith thinks it’s okay to not have a plan, but it’s important to have a goal. Keith looks at Paul in the New Testament. Keith wants to do God’s plan. Keith, remember Proverbs 16:3.