03.17.18 – Let it Go, Let it Go (as sang by Elsa)


It’s been a while, friends! Going through this blog, the last time I ever posted anything was July 2017 (Yikes. It’s been a LOOONG time). But! Since then, there has been quite a lot of things that has happened, and it’s a mix of good and bad. Of course, that’s how life is, right?

What has happened, Keith? I know that this question is what’s on everyone’s mind right now reading this post. Well, like I mentioned, lots of things! A few of them are:

  • I switched jobs! I went from working from a place that’s an hour and a half a way from my place to half an hour, which is quite a change! However, that’s also a story in itself (which I might share one of these days here, so watch out for that!).
  • I went through what Jonathan Martin considered a “shipwreck” (Check out his book How to Survive a Shipwreck. It was one of the most faith-transforming books that helped me a lot in these times.), and is surviving so far with the grace of God.
  • My brother and I went through a car crash where we got rear-ended and ended the life of our beloved miracle car. We are now looking and praying for a vehicle, which hopefully will be finalized next week.

These came with lessons, of course, and a lot of leaning into the character of God (and I mean, A LOT). It came with sacrifices and giving up a lot of things that I have held dear for the opportunity to follow and be led by the Holy Spirit. There are so many things that I have learned to let go of and learned to keep, and many of these things were character developing for me.

But how did you let go of these things, Keith? You might ask.

I guess I’ll compare it to something that I’ve done: a hike. (I was going to do a mountain ascent originally, but I know nothing about that, so I opted for something familiar) A hike is something to prepare for, and most of the time, I am completely unprepared for it. It’s something to make sure that you have the proper tools and the proper attire for. A hike is something that, if you don’t prepare for, can go from something fun to something dangerous.

So, a hike. First off, is the hike a short time (less than an hour) or something long (can go up to more than 24 hours, which I have never done). Preparation for a hike is the most important part of the experience, so you need to pack things that will help you survive and go through the hike. For me, the most important parts are always a snack (if more than an hour, then bring a small snack or a small lunch, if there’s a place to eat that there) and lots and lots of water. Hydration is super important.

Attire is also really important. If you are going through a hike and you are wearing jeans and a sweater, you are COMPLETELY unprepared. Don’t EVER do that! You will injure yourself. For a hike, make sure you are wearing something that you can sweat in and stretch in. You know those labels in athletic clothing that says “breathable and sweat-wicking”? Yeah, those are really good in doing a hike as it will help your body with air regulation. Something like a short sleeve (for summer hikes) and long-sleeves (for winter and spring) and shorts or sweatpants are pretty good for hiking. A small jacket is good for rain, and a thick jacket is essential for winter.

As well, shoes are really important. So if you are looking at hiking as a hobby and you are hiking somewhere that will take a long time, hiking shoes are a must. However, if you are looking at hiking shoes and cringing at the price tags of them, just know that they are worth it. Of course, I don’t have any (I should grab one), so I usually just wear running shoes because the hikes I do aren’t as long as other ones. But it is worth it to grab hiking shoes.

So yeah. Preparation for a hike is especially important. Of course, I’m not an expert in hiking, but these are what I’ve learned from doing hikes and observing others do hikes (my sister and her husband does them twice a month when they can).

So, Keith, what does that have to do with learning what to let go of and what to keep?

Well, I am the kind of person to bring too much to something, and that includes hikes. I like having a lot of things to bring somewhere so in case something happens, I’ll be prepared. But that’s a crutch for me because I learned to bring too much, and when the storm hits, it becomes a burden. It becomes a burden because now I’m being swept by the storm and I have learned to rely on these things that I brought without understanding that the best thing to do is to let them go.

Let it go, Keith! The still, small voice of the Lord tells me. Let it go!

So this is partly the reason why I’ve been absent in writing here. I had to let go of things that I have held so tightly, not realizing that the Lord was going to keep me going and running without these things I have clutched in my chest.

Maybe there are things that you are holding in your chest that the Lord is asking you to let go of. Maybe there are things that are holding you back because you are stubborn and trying to keep the things that have kept you safe, not knowing that they are holding you back from moving forward. Know that, while it is something hard to do, it is completely worth it. All you have to do is to let go.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

Much love,

TL;DR – Lots of things happened to Keith! Keith likes to go hiking so he compares his journey to that, but Keith likes to bring a lot. Keith has learned to let go so new things can come. Keith remembers 2 Corinthians 5:17.

P.S. – I don’t know how many times I’m going to be updating this blog, as there are a lot of things happening in the next few months, so it’ll be tough for me to update this regularly. But I will do my best to update you on everything. I know this one took a while, but I hope it’s something that will help you in your journey too. Let me know in the comments or message me using the Contacts page.